Moody’s Catering Menu

6 person minimum – prices are listed per person

Moodys Catering Menu


Breakfast Bagel Platter   4.75pp

Bagels with regular and chive cream cheese and butter

Doughnuts 1/2 dozen- 16.00; 1 dozen- 30.00

Chef’s Daily Assortment

Breakfast Platter   6.75pp

Assortment of donuts, bagels, muffins, and coffee cakes

Simple Sandwich Platter   13.00pp

Comes with a mix of our delicious sandwiches presented on a platter and served with cookies

Charcuterie Platter   12.00pp

Comes with a selection of all our finest handmade meats, sliced thin, and served with a variety of olives and pickled vegetables

Shared Sides (Sm 5-10ppl/Lg 10-15ppl)

Housemade Truffle Chips – Sm 15.00 / Lg 20.00

Simple Green – Small 20.00 / Large 30.00

Caesar Salad – Small 20.00 / Large 40.00

Chopped Salad – Small 27.00 / Large 50.00

Crudité Platter – Small 45.00 / Large 65.00

Fresh Fruit Bowl – Small 30.00 / Large 45.00

Potato/Pasta/ColeSlaw – $5.99/lb


Cans (Coke products, Dr. Brown & Pellagrino Sodas) +2.00pp

Waters (Sparkling or Still) +3.00 pp

*paper products available upon request $0.50 pp

New England Charcuterie