Moody’s Catering Menu

6 person minimum – prices are listed per person

Moodys Catering Menu


Breakfast Bagel Platter 3.75

Bagels with regular and chive cream cheese and butter

Breakfast Pastry Platter 4.75

Muffins and Croissants

Simple Sandwich Platter 11.50

Comes with a mix of our delicious sandwiches presented on a platter and served with chips and cookies

Charcuterie Platter 12.00

Comes with a selection of all our finest handmade meats, sliced thin, and served with a variety of olives and pickled vegetables

Shared Salads

Small serves 10, Large serves 20

Simple Green – small 15.00, large 20.00

Caesar Salad – small 20.00, large 40.00

Moody’s Chop Salad – small 27.00, large 50.00

Crudité Platter – small 45.00 / large 65.00


House Made Truffle Chips +2.00 pp

Pellegrino waters & sodas +2.00 pp

Whole fresh fruit bowl +3.00 pp

Ask about our daily soups and other additions!


New England Charcuterie